This is why we say stupid criminal. Maybe this fool should have learned how to drive before stealing a car. Residents were stunned when they heard a 'thud' on the roof of their Fresno, California home at 1.30 a.m.  and looked outside to see a car parked there.

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The driver, who allegedly stole the car from a nearby house, was speeding in foggy conditions when he hit the curb and some rocks, launching the vehicle 20 feet into the air. The car miraculously landed on the sloped roof of the home where it came to a standstill.

To make a silly story even more silly, the 25-year-old driver, Benjamin Tucker, jumped from the roof and broke his leg. He was found and arrested at his ex-girlfriend's house a quarter of a mile  away a short time later.

I bet it's a ride he'll always remember. Watch the video below.