Yesterday, on live television, a South Carolina pastor waded into the dangerous floodwaters to push an unearthed casket back to shore.

Reverend Wayne Reeves is a pastor at New Life Ministries in Summerville, South Carolina. When asked on the news why he was going into the water to retrieve the casket, he said, "“That’s somebody’s family out there. This family is suffering. They had their family out there popping up out of the ground and I think it’s the human thing to do.”

“This family doesn’t want to sit out on the edge of the road all night long watching their family members bob in and the water out there, that’s just not who we are,” said Reeves. “If that was my mama or my dad, I would walk through hell or high water…and today it happened to be high water.”

Another vault was retrieved by the sheriff's department later that day. Both caskets belonged to a husband and wife; the wife was just buried in May. The cemetery in which they were buried was flooded earlier in the week, when the rain from Hurricane Joaquin hit the area.

I love what the pastor says - it's the "human" thing to do. That's advice we should all remember.