My husband always took care of our children's loose teeth, but this method wouldn't fly in my house.

I'm very surprised that he didn't try this, though.

A remote controlled helicopter might become the latest and greatest periodontal device known to man. Let me explain.

8 year-old Adam Swan recently had a very loose tooth that was bothering him. Malcolm Swan, his dad enthusiastically offered to help him out...if he could use his remote controlled helicopter. Young Adam declined dad's offer, but the next morning that tooth was still a nuisance.

Father and son headed over to the the empty field next to the house, and with some dental floss and the aid of that helicopter, the tooth came right out.

Adam was "delighted" to have the tooth out of his mouth, but he's a little bit bummed out too. The tooth was never recovered, which means no visit from the tooth fairy.

Adam certainly looks like a happy, healthy little boy, but is dad's method an acceptable way to remove a child's loose tooth?