As Jeffrey Winter huddled in a small family bathroom and waited for an EF4 tornado his last thoughts are something that gives his grieving mom a little bit of comfort.

Regina Wood was just twenty miles from home on April 27 when she got the first text from her only son. Jeffrey Hunter said "Mama, I'm so scared." as he huddled in an interior bathroom waiting for an EF4 tornado that was bearing down on his family home. Regina could only offer comfort and text her frightened son updates on the deadly tornado's progress. Within minutes Jeffrey replied with another text. "It's heading right for me."

Jeffrey was right. The massive tornado decimated most of his neighborhood, and he lost his life. His mom takes some comfort in the knowledge that her son was thinking of her during his last few minutes. "Goodbye Mama...I love you." Regina says that Jeffrey left her with "the most precious thing a son could do for his mother."

More in the video below from KARK via CNN.