There have been many stories from the war zone about how dogs have made a strange land seem a little more like home. Thousands of miles away from home serving in Kuwait, Sergeant Mark Stanhope met Steve ---a dog that made his time in Kuwait tolerable.


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One night, Steve was attacked by another animal. Some people on the base said he would have to be put down, but Stanhope knew there was another option. Sergeant Stanhope decided he would try to adopt Steve and send him back to the U.S.

He formed the group Friends of Steve, and with the help of fundraisers, he raised $1,800 to bring Steve to America.

Steve arrived in the U.S. first, the sergeant came months later. Now the two are reunited for good. Great story, it's a living sample of some of the good things that can come from a bad situation.

Watch the video to meet Sergeant Stanhope and Steve.