We've enjoyed a lot of foul ball videos lately, but none like the one you're about to see.

We've seen a dad that managed to hold on to his kid, one that (oops!) dropped his kid, a selfless kid that gave up a ball, a sweet kid that got a bit emotional, a pouty kid, and even George Bush dodging a foul ball.

This video is different. Ruby and Gracie Weichman got quite a surprise the other night at a minor league baseball game. The 4-year-old twins, and their mother Abby were chosen by the Spokane Review to participate in its newspaper toss before the game. The surprise came when the girls' father, Air Force Sergent Chris Weichman, emerged from the Spokane Indians' dugout after just returning from this third tour of duty in Afghanistan!

You may need to grab some Kleenex when you hit the jump and watch this video!