Sometimes the stupid, it hurts! And this time, it could've hurt me with stupid shrapnel.

Let me paint you the scene of my possible demise. It's a dreary morning and I decide to stop for gas, because, well, I'm on 'E". I roll out of my car, kind of cursing the fact that I have to get out of the car to pump my own gas. I wish there were those full service stations still around because I am lazy, but oh well.

I step out of my vehicle, walk over to the pump, and start to pump the gas in to my vehicle. Now, everyone kind of has that blank look while pumping gas. You are either thinking about what you have to do that day. Or maybe stuff you would like to buy. Not thinking that I would possible meet the Grim Reaper today, that's for sure.

I noticed, as I was looking around, just scanning my surroundings, not really paying too much attention that the lady on the other side of my pump was sitting in her van, smoking. Yes, smoking. The one thing you really shouldn't do around flammable things. Smoking.

At first, I actually did a double take. My brain had to process the amount of ridiculous I was encountering. Was this lady really smoking at a gas pump? For real? This is happening? Then, the thought of I have to do something, rolled across my brain. Now, as you know, I am already awkward and I don't like to get into confrontational situations. But this one? Yeah, I had to say something because she was going to send all of us up in a fireball if I didn't. Here's the exchange, or the dramatic reenactment, if you will:

Me: EXCUSE ME! Could you please put that out?

Lady: ... *gives a glare my way*

Me: You need to stop smoking because this is highly flammable. *points to huge sign that says so*

Lady: Oh! Crap! *puts out butt on the ground*

And scene.

This lady had clearly 'derped' and I believe, didn't realize that she was doing something highly dangerous for all of us at that gas station. I do have to share with you that normally, I would've just silently mocked her. Maybe even wrote a tweet or Facebook post about it to my friends. But this time, I took action! I said something and it wasn't all that bad. Now, if I would've stayed silent, who knows what could've happened.

Guess I'll never know how cool I would look walking away from an explosion becuase of my quick action.


Who are we kidding, this is more my speed: