As we all know, a car is a big investment as well as a huge money pit. And there is nothing worse than sinking a few hundred dollars into a car for repairs, and you can't tell that anything is better. But on the other hand, when you spend money to fix something that does make a noticeable difference, it can be like getting a brand new car!

Just about a year ago, I shared with you the story of my driver side window in my car. I felt like a redneck because I was going to be one of those guys who had their window duct taped shut. I did however do it with style, and you can see those photos here.

I was so excited when I was finally able to afford to get the parts to fix this window problem.  My sister, Nikki, went to college for auto repair.  When I got a replacement regulator, she and I were able to get the window to work like new!

The feeling of driving the car with a working window was almost like getting my license all over again!  I could roll down all the windows and enjoy beautiful summer days, I even rolled it down during a thunderstorm just because I could!

I didn't stop there.  I had one missing hubcap on each side of my car.  Simply moving both hubcaps to the driver's side made it feel like a brand new car!

The first thing I wanted to do with my functioning window was to hit up a drive-thru.  And based on my luck I should have expected it... they were closed!

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