If you've been keeping track of all the events going on in Flint, you probably know what is happening this weekend, but just in case, I'll mention a few other activities you can take part in. If you haven't had a chance to check out the latest exhibit at the Buick Gallery inside Sloan, stop there to see Exploring 100 Years of Chevy. There's even a car on display that was built during World War II.

While you're near the Cultural Center, you can always take advantage of Free Target Saturday's at the Flint Institute of Arts. They always have really cool exhibits, with the latest one being the Edmund Lewandowski collection. They also offer programs in the summer for kids so you can always sign them up for something.

Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad is another great place to go to on the weekends. I feel like it's Flint's hidden treasure because it's so unique and fun. This weekend there's the Smiths, Millers and Trades event going on where you can meet the skilled trades people as you step back in time.

Of course there's always the Flint Farmers' Market and the Grand Blanc Farmers' Market, which always has fresh produce, great food and usually entertainment every week. The other good thing about the farmers' markets' is that the food lasts longer and it tends to be cheaper than the grocery store.

Hope you enjoy your weekend and hopefully you'll be able to check out some of these events.