In what could be a huge deal, footwear company Skechers has signed California Chrome, a horse attempting to be the first Triple Crown winner in 36 years, to a sponsorship deal.

ESPN reports that Skechers will be featured on everything from the apparel of the horse handlers, to the horse's blanket to the barn leading up to the Belmont Stakes this weekend. The deal also requires team members to wear Skechers branding in the winner's circle should the horse win it all and Skechers will be allowed to use California Chrome in its marketing materials for a month after the race.

Robert Greenberg, chief executive for Skechers, says they are a "marketing company that just happens to be in the footwear business" and they're "spending a couple bucks to roll the dice and if this horse wins it all, we'll be a part of it."

What do you think of the gamble by Skechers on California Chrome?