Habit forming at the very least, deadly at the very worst. Doctors warn that more and more kids are indulging across the country.

Get acquainted with "Sizzurp."

The ingredients are simple and easy to get...soda, Jolly Rancher hard candies and cough syrup with codeine. All of that combined makes a lethal cocktail that is highly addictive and the consequences of "sizzurp" can be deadly as well. The sweetness of the candy and soda, combined with the codeine makes kids want to drink it all day long. The high is instant and euphoric and can lead to seizures. Users essentially stop breathing...and then it's too late.

Doctors are reporting more and more young people addicted to "sizzurp."

The problem gets worse because the drink, also called "lean", "purple drank" or "syrup" is glamorized in videos and popular music. Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne are said to be huge fans of this high inducing drink.

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More about "Sizzurp" in the video below.

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