Just so you know, we had a hard time narrowing it down to six!

These everyday sounds are the bane of my existence. See if you agree.

  • 1

    This Ringtone


    It's my son's Snap Chat alert, so it goes off every 18 seconds at home. I also hear it at work, at the doctor's office, at baseball games, in the grocery store, and just about every other place on earth.

    Attention Android users:  Find another freakin' tone.


    N. McIntyre
  • 2

    The GPS Lady


    OK, I'm allowed to take a slightly different route than the one you think I should take. Seriously. Shut. Up.

    Most people I know who own GPS units have all given the lady the same nickname.

    Google Maps
  • 3

    The Work Whistler


    What are you, a dwarf?

  • 4

    The (Not) Funny Pager


    Even the sound of the 'All Call' on the phone system sends chills up my spine, before the comedian-wannabe treats us all to a super (un) funny page.

    (After the meeting, be sure to send a 'Reply All' email.)

    Fenech Pictures
  • 5

    Sniffles the Sniffling Sniffler


    Seriously, dude. See an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Stat.

  • 6

    The Voicemail Prompt


    As we become more reliant on text messages and email, leaving a voicemail has become more of a daunting task.

    Researchers say Millennials are susceptible to stage fright when prompted to leave a message after the tone.

    N. McIntyre