Lady Gaga can always find the unique way to do things. With a new album upcoming, there is always a need to create hype and excitement.  Gaga reportedly played some of a new song to her fans in New York City on Sunday. She was stopped while being driven in a car and blasted the song.

Gaga was mobbed by the crowd in her black SUV. In the video below, you can barely see her, as a fan keeps begging her to listen to her CD. That had to be annoying for the monsters trying to listen to Gaga’s music!

According to Oh No They Didn’t, which collected fan tweets, it wasn’t ‘Nothing On (But the Radio)‘ but a totally different tune. Another fan went buck wild over the song, espousing its virtues as a banger, writing: “Just met GaGa! She was playing a song from her new album!… It was a very heavy dance/club song! The beat was [expletive] insane!”

Another fan claimed to ask if the pop diva if this was the new single and Gaga allegedly shook her head “yes,” affirming that it was indeed her brand new song.

And so it begins!


See Lady Gaga Get Mobbed by Fans Over New Song