Josh Moore, a lifelong Detroit Lions fan, and owner of the fantasy football website 4for4, has created an official petition on the page, asking that the day after the Super Bowl become an official holiday.

Moore's 'Super Bowl Monday' petition has collected over 12,000 signatures so far, and if reaches 100,000 by February 23rd, it will warrant an official response from the Obama administration.

What are you waiting for? This petition isn't gonna sign itself! Get crackin'!

Moore told 'Business News Daily' that he's been talking about the idea for years, but this year decided to actually make it happen.

"It seems like every year we talk about how many people watch the Super Bowl and how many people don’t feel like going to work the next day. Then last week, I was actually at the petition site signing something that was a bit more policy-related and I thought it would be a great platform to get the idea about the Super Bowl thing from talk to actuality."

- George McIntyre
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