This initiative took a big step towards November's ballot yesterday.

The Committee to Restore Michigan's Part-time Legislature got the green light from the Michigan elections board yesterday to start collecting the needed signatures to get their initiative on the ballot this November.

The Committee's initiative would limit state lawmakers to meeting 60 straight days each year, with exceptions for special sessions as determined by the governor. Legislators' pay would be capped at $35,000 a year instead of the roughly $71,000 they make now. It would also limit the number of legislative employees to 250. Currently, there are more than 700 employees. Michigan lawmakers had 100 session days last year.

The idea is that Michigan's part-time lawmakers will be more focused and efficient and people can become lawmakers without sacrificing their career.

Michigan is just one of four states with a full-time legislature.

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To see more about the Committee's initiative, watch the video below.