Seriously? You won't let me get a cat, but a tortoise is fine?!

As you may know, I love kitties. I sadly do not have one because after talking with my fiance, he had some concerns about having a cat. Here's the list that he gave me when I would bring up the subject:

  1. Cat will scratch up the floor.
  2. Cat litter boxes stink.
  3. Where would there be room in our little house for a kitty.
  4. We are really busy and the cat would be lonely. (I tried the 2 cat theory for this one and was met with a wide eyed, "No way")

After the discussion, I put my kitty dreams on hold, but of course I had to send him a few texts to mess with him:

If you are playing at home, I took into consideration his concerns and did not run out and get a cat because I really wanted one. I continued to look at cat memes online and wear cat themed shirts, but I do not have a kitty of my own because I respect my fiance's concerns.

Cut to this weekend. I come home from a roller derby tournament that lasted all weekend, tired and ready to take a bath and go to bed. When I get into the door to my home, I am met with my soon to be stepson all excited about the tortoise that Dad got him.

What? Are you kidding me?! Of course that is what I said in my inside voice. Then the flood of thoughts ran through my head as follows, in no particular order:

  2. What do you even do with a tortoise?
  3. What do you even feed it?
  4. What happens if it gets sick? Is there a special vet for that?
  5. How do I know it is sick?
  6. Why didn't my fiance talk to me about this before he did it?
  7. What the hell?!?

Here's what I'm really ticked about. He totally didn't even clear this decision with me at all even though I talked with him extensively about getting a cat before going out and collecting a kitty of my own. I'm very upset especially since when I asked him if he did his research on what the tortoise would eat, he told me:

I don't know, they eat green stuff and carrots.

-Amie's Tortoise Lovin' Fiance

Look, I love animals (especially cats), but this is ridiculous! But I refuse to be a tortoise mom. I told my friends and of course they are sending me cat name ideas like: "Cat Benatar" or "Kit Cat". Also sending me memes like this:

What do you think? Should I be upset? And should I turn around and get myself a cat?