After losing his stepdaughter to a heroin overdose, Sgt. Douglas of the Shiawassee County Sheriff's Department is trying to use the young woman's death to inspire others.

As he made a heartfelt appeal to drug users and their families attending the county's drug court, Chapman displayed a picture of his stepdaughter, Meghan Reid -- a stunningly beautiful young woman with a seemingly bright future ahead of her. "Does this look like a heroin addict to you?" He asked the crowd.

Chapman went on to explain that he learned that the girl's boyfriend was a drug addict, and how he became suspect that Meghan was also using heroin. Less than a week after she told him she wanted to get help, Reid died of an overdose.

Chapman tells ABC-12 he hopes to effect change in federal and state law, in order to make it easier for addicts' loved ones to get them the help they need.