It's been a few weeks since the state has given Genesee County $1 million to invest in the release of inmates to other counties in order to bring more criminals in. Sheriff Pickell sat down to discuss the progress the county has made since the initiative started:

"With the additional patrolling from state p0lice, the million dollars from the state which allows us to take people out of jail periodically and allowing us to put more in jail, we've been able to have an impact on the violent crimes."

The sheriff also mentioned that last week with a collaborative effort, they were able to collect six guns from traffic stops and were able to put those people in jail. With this new initiative, a lot of people want to know what the next steps are and Pickell says some decisions will need to be made:

"This success we've had so far shows it work so we'll continue on this path. Eventually, decisions have to be made about whether there's money available to open and keep open the city jail. The governor will also have to decide if the state will help fund the most violent city in the United States."

Pickell also noted that they can't stop crime completely but they are moving in the right direction with the help from all departments. Do you think this initiative is helping?