Every week, I have the pleasure meeting with Sheriff Pickell and of course the hot topic has been the jail overcrowding issue, which authorities continue to work on. This week the sheriff shared some other ongoing problems that keep arising, including a gang problem in the area, as well as other counties.

The sheriff just wants to make sure Genesee County residents are on the lookout for a gang operating in Genesee County, Midland, Saginaw and Gratiot, where people are breaking into homes where people have boats and other things in front of their house.

"We have a gang operating where they're breaking into homes where people have boats out front or other things they're selling. They go up and get information and ask if they sail on the weekends or ask where they've taken it. It's like they're doing an interview for a burglary, where once they have the information they go back and rob the house."

Pickell also said they even go back to the house and if the boat is gone, they assume they're out with it and then go break into the home. As a precaution, the sheriff says you shouldn't give too much information to anyone.