As crime continues to be a problem in Genesee County,  Sheriff Pickell took a moment to talk about drugs exploding in the area especially heroin. The sheriff wanted to give his thoughts on the problem and how they're working with other agencies to crack down on the problem:

"Drugs have exploded in the area, especially heroin and it's almost like a curse in the community. The drug team has been working hard with Fang and we've got a number of people working on gun cases which have been sent to the Department of Justice because penalties are more severe."

Sheriff Pickell went on to say they executed two search warrants and found a large number of prescription drugs and said it's been a professional operation with money laundering. With this he also brought up the accomodation tax idea where they would put the money towards the sheriff's office to get a team together for a multi-jurisdiction working primarily outside the city of Flint.

Pickell has met with supervisors, government officials and police chiefs who support the idea. They figure by having teams put together they would be able to apprehend more people involved in serious crimes. Nothing has been discussed further regarding the accomodation tax.