Last week, I mentioned the possibility of Genesee County Commissioners charging inmates for their jail stay. Now, Sheriff Pickell has put a request to the commissioners, asking them to allow him to start charging the inmates. The Flint Journal says they could potentially go after tax refunds, wages and bank accounts if they can't get the inmates to pay on their own. 

Pickell sent a letter to board chairman Jamie Curtis and explained what the extra money would do for the county:

'"As you know maintaining prisoners represents a major portion of county budget expenses incurred by prisoners such as doctor and dental visits. Nurse sick calls, and prescriptions are also charged to their reimbursement accounts. This will help defray some of those costs.'"

Sheriff Pickell has asked county attorney's to draft a resolution for the board to review but nothing may get approved until November. Last week all of you said you thought inmates should pay for their jail time so if it gets approved and they can hold them accountable for paying, then this will be a good thing for the county.