My wife has been training for this race since last year. Last year, she decided late in the game to attempt to run the Mohican Trail 100 mile race. She only made 60 miles in that attempt. When you can put "only" and "60 miles" in the same sentence, you either have lofty goals or insanity runs in your family.

In Shelia Allen's (Mrs. Stu) case, it's a little of both. Her first taste of 100 mile trail racing came in 2006 as my pacer for the last loop of the Sulphur Springs 100 near Hamilton, Ontario. She got me through a grueling, hilly 12 mile loop on the last part of what was my first 100 mile finish.

She was also undergoing chemotherapy at the time. She ran through the entire treatment process of her breast cancer, both chemo and radiation. Shelia is one tough lady.

She got me through the tough parts of the Halliburton Forest 100 in 2007 and the Western States 100 in 2010. Now it's my turn to get her through the last 40 of Mohican Trail 100.

She has been training diligently with our good friend Jeff Lewis of Otisville, who is also attempting Mohican again after not finishing last year. We have spent many hours on the hills and trails around Hadley getting ready for this weekend.

This time, there's no stopping her. We'll be joining several other Michigan ultramarathoners at Mohican, and are hoping to see everybody make it to the finish.

Results from the race should be posted on this link when the runners come in:

I'll let you know how she does when we get back early next week. I wouldn't bet against her!