My, how times have changed!

The iconic and beloved children's series, "Sesame Street" is taking on the difficult subject of having a parent in jail with its' new muppet.

A new study done by Pew Charitable Trusts reports that 1 in 28 American children have a parent behind bars.

To help children deal with that subject, and the social stigma that comes with it, "Sesame Street" has designed  the "Little Children, Big Challenges:Incarceration" initiative. Part of that initiative is the creation of a new muppet named Alex, whose father is in jail.

This kind of subject matter being talked about on such a beloved and long running children's show is getting a lot of mixed reviews.

Watch a snippet of the new muppet, Alex, below.



Do you think that this is appropriate subject matter for a children's show like "Sesame Street"?