We've dug up an edition of the Cars Classic Lunch from September 1993 and made it into a Pop-Up Video style experience. Here are some of the pieces you might recognize as you listen. Are you part of the show?

There is a dedication to Dawn Linker at Entrecon as she celebrated her 30th birthday. We went back in time 30 years to the number one song on the day she was born. There is also a dedication to Mickey at U.S. Coney Island on Dort Highway, and a special dedication for Bob's birthday from his wife. Bob was working at Powertrain at the time.

The guys over at Buick City who made their living by "hanging bumpers" requested Sam Cooke's big hit, Chain Gang. That same day Bill Brooks was celebrating 30 years at AC Spark Plug in department 7202 and his wife sent out a special song for him.