A home's security camera caught a mom's incredible act of bravery when she and her young children were faced with three armed, would-be home intruders earlier this week...wow!

The footage is being viewed by many people worldwide. See why here.

A Detroit mother opened fire with an assault rifle Monday evening, as she was forced to protect her home and young children from three persistent and armed would be burglars. She says she didn't have time to be afraid when she heard the door of her home on Woodrow Wilson being kicked in. She says that she warned the three teenagers that she was armed, and when they refused to back away from the door she opened fire.

The Detroit Police Department responded quickly, and the three young men were quickly arrested. It's not known what they came to steal, but the mother was committed to protecting her two young children, no matter what.

It's ironic that the home's security cameras were installed just a few weeks ago because of another attempted break at that address.

See how brave this Detroit mom was in the footage below.

As this video, an WXYZ News exclusive, goes viral, The Detroit Chief of Police, James Craig, made a statement in which he says she did the right thing.

You can hear his statement in the video, again from WXYZ News, in the video below.