It’s a monologue, it’s a blog … it’s a monoblog!

Two good jokes and one bad one ... or vice versa. You tell me.

  • This Secret Service scandal has gotten so big that a Congressional subcommittee is now probing it. That’s the great thing about Congress. If it’s dull stuff like unemployment or banking regulations, meh, they’ll get around to it. But if there’s probing of booze and women to be done, boom, they’re on it.
  • Last week, Mitt Romney thanked the other Republicans who ran for the nomination. I didn’t hear the speech, but I assume it went something like this: “Thanks to Michele Bachman for being frighteningly weird, thanks to Herm Cain for having an eye for the ladies, thanks to Newt for just being Newt …” and so on.
  • A report says one of every five Wal-Marts in the world is now in Mexico. I view this as good news. Follow me here: Wal-Mart sells mostly imported goods, right? To a Mexican Wal-Mart America is foreign. So they might actually carry our stuff. It could happen.

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