Laraine Cook and Tom Harrison are both coaches for Pocatello High School in Idaho. Actually, we should say that Cook is the former girls basketball coach, while her fiancé is the current football coach for the school. Cook was dismissed after school officials deemed this Facebook photo of Harrison holding her breast inappropriate.

In an interview with KIFI, Cook says the photo was taken during a family vacation in July. Although her fiancé was reprimanded for the photo, he was not terminated. Cook was told she was being terminated because she is the one who posted the photo to her Facebook account.

Cook says she's learned something from the ordeal, but defends the photo.

"I don't feel that's it's an immoral photo ... If I've learned something, I've learned that you just never know, and have to be extremely careful about what you do or say."

Cook has filed a grievance with the district, in hopes of getting her job back.

"I love teaching, I love coaching, I love working with the kids," she said.

What do you think? Is there a double standard here, or was Cook's termination warranted?

- George McIntyre
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