When we were kids we loved snow days! It meant a day off of school, and the world was right. The weather in Vietnam usually doesn't allow for many snow days, but it did make for an interesting day off when the threat of man-eating crocodiles were the unleashed near a school there.

There is a local farm in southern Vietnam that raises crocodiles, and earlier in the week, dozens of the furious reptiles escaped. And of course, the crocodiles went searching for lunch. To avoid them feasting on any small children, the school had a "crocodile day' off.

In all, about 60 of the critters got loose and were eventually rounded up and put back on the crocodile farm. Authorities are unsure if they got them all, since the farm was raising more than 600 crocs. The kids are back in school, but there is still a watchful eye out for the crocodiles.