Here's proof even Santa has a bad day now and then. Santa's arrival at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach, Florida was delayed Saturday when his beard got caught in rappelling equipment. This looks like it made for a painfully slow decent from the mall's ceiling. I hope this sort of thing doesn't happen when he comes to my house this Christmas.

Take the jump to see how Santa gets out of this tricky situation.

In an effort to delight children, Santa rappelled from the glass ceiling near the Gardens Mall food court in Palm Beach Gardens Saturday. But he became stuck almost immediately after descending from a catwalk as a helper elf watched.

While Santa was inching slowly down an emcee led confused children through a strained rendition of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas. " About halfway down, Santa tore off the beard and attached hat, revealing himself to be a simple helper and not the actual jolly old elf himself.

You'll be happy to know that since the failed stunt, the real Santa has arrived and has been taking wish lists from the children.

Check out the good stunt gone wrong in the video below.