Is there such a thing as a wrong holiday greeting?

Ask this bell ringer for the Salvation Army!

Some call it the "December Debate." How should we greet people at this most festive time of the year? It can be tricky, and a Salvation Army bell ringer found that out as she stood outside a Walmart store accepting donations over the weekend.

More details in the video below.

The Salvation Army does not have an official policy regarding a preferred holiday greeting that bell ringers should use. I did find an instructional video for volunteers who stand beside the red kettles at this time of year. It's very interesting...give it a look.

I think that anyone who stands in the snow and cold at this time of year to collect money for such a worthwhile organization as the Salvation Army should be able to say "Happy Holidays" without being attacked! I would personally rather hear "Merry Christmas," but I also understand the need to respect everyone's views and religions.

How do you greet people when you are out and about this holiday season? Please share in the comments section below.