Jordan Haskins has served time in both North Carolina and Michigan for multiple crimes he committed between 2006 and 2011. The Saginaw man hopes voters can look past that -- and his unusual sexual fetish -- and elect him to the State House.

Clearly, we're lowering the bar when it comes to politicians in Michigan.

While breaking and entering, destruction of property, and trespassing are all part of Haskins' rap sheet, he's also been arrested several times for crimes related to his bizarre sexual past. The website Addicting Info reports that the 24-year old has been charged with breaking into vehicles, removing the spark plug wires, and masturbating while cranking the engine. It's a practice known as 'Cranking.'

Take a moment to let that sink in, if you need to.

And this should come as no surprise:  If elected to the 95th district House seat, Haskins hopes to change employers' minds, and lessen the stigma associated with job applicants who are convicted felons.

"Once they see that mark on that application they will not even talk to you," Haskins told MLive.

The Saginaw Republican party says it will not take a position either in support of, or against Haskins' candidacy.

If nothing else, Haskins at least gives residents of Flint someone to laugh at besides Eric Mays, right?

- George McIntyre
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