Just a short drive to the southeast of Flint is the wilderness playground known as the Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area. It features lakes with fishing, boating and beach and picnic areas, and miles and miles of rugged, hilly trails to enjoy. Just south of the teaming metropolis of Hadley, Michigan, you'll find Fox Lake Road, which is home to one of my favorite places to run and hike.

A mile west of Hadley Road on Fox Lake Road is the trail system that begins at the Equestrian Campground. This is part of the Michigan State Parks system, so you'll need a Recreation Passport that's the $10 fee that you pay to use Michigan Parks when you renew your license plates. www.michigan.gov/recreationpassport

I go here most weekends to hike and run, along with a my wife and some hardy friends. The trails are used by people riding horses (careful where you step!), mountain bikers and some areas are open to hunting.

Just down the road is Big Fish lake where you can swim, fish and take the family for a picnic. There is also a shooting range, cross-country ski trails. There is plenty to do, and it's just a short drive from Flint. www.michigan.gov/ortonville