In the late 80s and early 90s, ABC's "Roseanne" was the first sitcom to paint a realistic picture of a middle-class American Family.  The Cleavers and Cosbys were great TV families, but most of us could relate much more to the Connors.  Based on Roseanne Barr's comedy, "Roseanne" was a ratings monster, and the show still lives on in reruns.

After a one season run of the reality show "Roseanne's Nuts," Barr will return this fall to NBC's prime time lineup with a show called "Downwardly Mobile."  According to sources, the comedienne will play the “proprietor of a mobile home park and surrogate mother to all of the unique people who live there in a challenging economy.”

I have always been a fan of Roseanne Barr, even before her career in sitcom's exploded.  I remember watching her stand-up routine when I was a kid, and laughed so hard my face hurt.  I also enjoyed "Roseanne's Nuts" even though it lasted only one season.  To see her again as a blue-collar middle-class American running a trailer park should be another hilarious chapter in her small-screen performances.

Check out one of the first performances of Rosanne Barr (the exact performance I mentioned earlier), some bloopers from "Roseanne," a clip from "Roseanne's Nuts," and her classic appearance in a Snickers commercial below.