Readers of Rolling Stone magazine were recently asked to vote for their least-favorite '90s bands, and according to their website the votes poured in.

Nickelback has always been a rather polarizing group; as they're music remains a staple on adult radio and they have a faithful following. However, Nickelback jokes are always in season, as everybody loves to hate Chad Kroeger and the boys. It's no surprise they made the list.

See if you agree with Rolling Stone readers' top-10 list of the worst '90s bands.

10. Dave Matthews Band

9. Ace of Base

8. Spin Doctors

7. Bush

6. Hootie and the Blowfish

5. Nirvana

4. Hanson

3. Limp Bizkit

2. Nickelback

1. Creed

Did they get it right? Tell us what you think below.

- George McIntyre
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