Cars108[/caption]The holidays are here, and Rod and Steph want to spread a little bit of good cheer and some very tasty baked goods from Great Harvest Bread Company to the friends and neighbors who have made them part of their morning routine all year. Today was their first Great Harvest holiday gift delivery. Hit read more to see where they went and get details on how to put your workplace in the running for Rod and Steph's Great Harvest holiday gift delivery.

Great Harvest Holiday Gift Delivery/Rod Prahin


A very sincere thank-you goes to Sherry for registering online for Rod and Steph's Great Harvest Holiday Gift Delivery. Her co-workers, Theresa, Dennis, Renee and Gail were pretty excited to see the fruit turnovers, cinnamon rolls and muffins from Great Harvest Bread, and Rod and Steph were very happy to just be out of the office! If you would like to invite Rod and Steph to your workplace, register here, and they will select two entries at random each week. It's their way of saying thank-you for listening to Cars108!