Hall and Oates were all over 80's FM radio and MTV, so when Rod and I had the opportunity interview Daryl Hall (the blonde one!), we jumped on it.


Rod and I were given just a few minutes with Daryl. He was very gracious as Rod asked him to re-live the 80's and I asked him if there was really a 'man eater' (there was!). He quickly turned the focus to his new CD, 'Laughing Down Crying', and his monthly, musical webcast 'Live From Daryl's House'. He was very gracious, and during the interview, he also let it slip that he and John Oates will be musical guests on the season finale of 'The Voice', tonight on NBC. Stay here for a minute to check out the video of Cee Lo Green and Daryl rocking out "I Can't Go For That'.