Good Morning America's Robin Roberts had a brief setback to her recovery from September's bone marrow transplant when she was hospitalized with a virus that would not respond to medication a week ago in New York City. She is back home now, and took some time to share some thoughts on her recent health scare and what it meant for her recovery. Details after the jump.

In a blog for ABC News, which you can read here, she calls her recent hospital stay a "tune up", but admits that emotionally, it was tough for her. Robin's sister and bone marrow donor, Sally Ann, came to New York City to be with her. The virus that she was treated for was one that her body normally would have been able to fight off, but because of her weakened immune system, it caused her to be re-admitted to the hospital, which is not unusual for bone marrow transplant patients. The virus is now under control, and her numbers are climbing again. Robin says that she "has been moved to tears by my "GMA" family's (and YOUR) genuine support, concern and love."

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