Rick Springfield is taking an unconventional approach to promoting his new CD, 'Songs For The End Of the World' - He headed into a New York City subway station the other day, treating commuters to an acoustic performance.

He's also taking an unconventional approach to transportation lately, ditching his car in favor of his bike, even though he's recently gotten his driver's license back following a DUI arrest in 2011. Springfield's threats to kill police officers for towing his $200,000 car were not taken seriously.

In an interview with Fox News, Springfield vowed to never drink and drive again.

"Yeah, I was two minutes from home and I got stopped 20 seconds from my house. It worked out OK, I got my license back and I started riding my bike to work out and now I ride my bike a couple of miles to my work out place and then home again and I do that even thought I’ve got my license back."


Fox Interview

- George McIntyre
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