Jon Basso, owner of the famed Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, makes no apologies for the high level of fat and calories in the food served at his restaurant, and actually held up a bag which he said contained the cremains of one of his best customers, in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

It's a funny moment, and an awkward moment.

Basso goes on to say that he's an honest restaurateur, because he doesn't mask the fact that his menu items, such as the Triple Bypass Burger and Coronary Hot Dog, are bad for you. He went on to say that fast food chains that market their food items as healthy are hiding the fact that basically everything that comes through a drive-thru window is by and large unhealthy.

"Do i want others to die at my restaurant? No. Actually i want to wake up one morning and open the door and have no one ever come in again, because maybe the world would have learned the truth."