News outlets across the country have been lighting up the Internet this week with the story of Beulah Montgomery, the 60-year-old woman who shot and killed two teenagers after they targeted her in the 'Knockout Game'. It turns out the story is fake.

Here's an excerpt from one of the original reports:

Police are still trying to piece together the events of Monday night after a woman was attacked and then fired shots into the crowd of teens that assulted her.


Beulah Montgomery, who just turned 60 yesterday, says she was walking home after purchasing lottery tickets when she says a group of teens, 7 of them, approached her. Montgomery initally thought they were going to attempt to steal her purse but says she was instead hit by one of the individuals as a second attempted to hit her. That's when she grabbed her gun. [sic]

Bloggers who ran with their own versions of the story probably should have been tipped off by the misspellings of 'assaulted' and 'initially'.

Snopes confirms that the story, which originated in Pennsylvania, was a complete fabrication.

The 'Knockout Game' is defined as a violent activity in which unsuspecting people are sucker punched unexpectedly, in an effort to knock them unconscious.

- George McIntyre
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