If you saw this flying at you, you may have done the same thing or worse.

Poor WKSB Fox 5 reporter Brad Wills, during his beach report, was interrupted by a massive Mothra-sized bug buzzing around his face. Also, added bonus to the panic inducing video, that nasty bug almost FLEW IN HIS MOUTH!

WKSB via YouTube

No! Not cool bug! Upon realizing he had just humiliated himself in front of a live television audience, he simply uttered, "Oh, brother." Which really, I would've said a few choice words that most parents would've had to cover the ears of kids in about a 50 mile radius.

Just so you know, this report made it out okay. He was just bugged by the whole encounter. Okay, sorry, I had to make that joke. It was right in my face.

You'll be glad to know that the bug is okay. He's enjoying Internet stardom.