Do you remember the old Atari game "Frogger?" My friend Josh and I would play this classic for hours when we were kids.

A traffic copter from a TV station in Toronto happened to catch a real life "Frogger" scenario during rush hour traffic, except ducks are involved. Check out the amazing video after the 'jump.'

This ribbiting, riveting 80s game features a frog who tries to cross a busy roadway and a treacherous river. By crossing five times, the player advances to the next level.

Much like the game, these feathered quackers waddled their way across a busy Toronto freeway. Amazingly, the duck and her ducklings made it, though there were a few close calls.  One car barely misses the group at :29, and a semi-truck blows them across a lane at :49.  Watch as the drama unfolds.

Oh, and Josh, I still have "Frogger" and a working Atari...  Let's play!