There seems to be two distinct camps with very different opinions about Black Friday.  Some had the ads spread out, plotting their courses and planning their strategies as soon as the Thanksgiving-dinner dishes were washed; others vowed not to be within miles of retail stores, and made fun of anyone that would even consider setting an alarm for 3:00 am.

Retailers and economists are predicting that this will be the turn-around year.  Christmas sales are predicted to eclipse last year, but be nowhere near 2007's record year.

Many shoppers reported that the line to enter Toys R Us on Linden Road wrapped around the building, reached across the store's parking lot, and ended near Hobby Lobby.

No longer brave enough to brave the crowds that camp out at the likes of Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Toys 'R Us, I found success at Staples and Home Depot early this morning.  Those crowds were much more tolerable.