It's not so much the fact that you can now legally raise chickens in Davison. It's who took on the system to make it legal.

Chloe Hinkley is a happy healthy Nine-year-old little girl who like a lot of kids likes farm animals. Chloe just wanted to raise her own chickens. City of Davison said NO! That word didn't set well with Chloe. She took on the system.

Chloe wrote a letter, collected signatures and presented them to the Davison City Council to get the law changed. Her hard work paid off. Davison city council approved the first reading of an ordinance allowing people to raise chickens.

Davison Mayor Tim Bishop said they will have a second reading on it and after the snow goes away Chloe is welcome to have chickens in the city of Davison. How cool is that...You Go Girl! Sounds like a future politician to me.
ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI