R.I.P. t-shirts - they're becoming big business in Flint.

Gene Reid, owner of G&G T-Shirt Shop on Fenton Rd., and his son Glen have been cashing in on the unfortunate reality Flint faces, as the city has recorded 19 homicides so far in 2012.

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The two remained respectful as they spoke to M-Live about the print shop's latest venture.

"It's a big part of grieving for a lot of people," said Gene Reid, "It's a sad story about all the killings going on, we try to help everybody. All these people getting killed, the R.I.P. T-shirts are huge. It's a sad story."

Not all of the memorial t-shirts are created for homicide victims. Reid says the family of Ellery Thomas, the man killed in a motorcycle accident on I-69 recently, sought the shop's services.

So what are your thoughts? Is memorializing loved ones that have been killed appropriate? Or does it somehow glorify the violence that plagues Flint?

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