This may seem like an odd request for those of us accustomed to keeping our yard the greenest in the neighborhood, but it could be an important factor in your pet's life. How can letting the dandelions grow help your pet, you ask? Here's my story and I hope it doesn't happen to you. With so many lawn care companies taking over the fertilization and grooming of your lawn, you should be aware that they use some very strong chemicals. If you noticed the smell immediately after they apply the chemicals, then you should realize that they are very powerful, and your pet is in danger. A few years ago I used one of the lawn care companies. At the time I had a healthy two-year old golden retriever named Einstein, and although the lawn companies advise you to keep your pets off a newly treated lawn, it is nearly impossible. Einstein got out on the freshly sprayed lawn and the results were something I never expected. He began having seizures....strong seizures that were very frequent and very strong. The vet suggested that since he had been normal and healthy up to that point, that he had somehow ingested chemicals that were causing the seizures. The suspect was the lawn care chemicals. The vet said that dogs paws can easily absorb those chemicals causing this type of seizure. We never really knew for sure. The seizures got so bad that we had to put Einstein down.  So, if you have pets, let the dandelions grow. Don't go through what our family did. Protect your pets and let the dandelions grow!