For those of you who have been through getting a daughter ready for prom, you know just how I feel right now, the "day after"... relief, broke and very proud!  I thought I would share this year's prom experience so it can serve as somewhat of a checklist for those moms who have not been through it with their daughter yet, while also serving as a great reminiscent memory for others.

First, there is the great debate...will she be going with a date or a group of friends.  The date usually wins out, but there still is always a group involved as well.  Second, and far more important, is finding just the right dress.  You go, first from mall to mall, then store to store and she tries on at fewest, 50 different dresses, and usually picks the very first one tried on.  Then on to the shoes, earrings, necklace, bracelet, they all have to be just right.  The group decides where they will have dinner before prom, limo or no limo, where will the pictures be taken before the prom and don't forget you have to order a boutonniere .

And then the big day is here.  We start at noon with the hair; all of a sudden you know nothing about doing her hair (even though you have been doing it for years).  Don't forget the mani and pedi and of course the, this year I actually was able to help with the make-up (even putting on the false eye lashes).  I was even invited to help with the make-up for two of her BFFs.

Pictures start at 5pm, and this year we had the privilege of doing the pre-party picture event at our house, featuring light snacks.  We actually love hosting these events, it's all about making it as memorable for your daughter and her friends as possible.  Taking the pictures is a huge production that we get to experience not only with the kids, but their parents as well.

All in all it is worth the time, energy and money you spend when you see the joy on the face of your beautiful daughter with her friends.