Tattoos can be a touchy subject between parents and their kids, and in a recent interview President Obama revealed how he and the First Lady would handle the situation if it ever came up with their daughters Malia and Sasha.

America's First Daughters are getting to be of an age where choices that they make might not be the best ones in the eyes of their parents. Malia Obama is 14 and her sister, Sasha is 12. The subject to the girl's musical tastes, how they keep their parents hip and how the Obama parents would handle the question pf a potential tattoo came up in a recent interview that is getting a lot of attention this morning. I think that you'll like their idea!


As a parent, have you ever had to address the potential tattoo dilemma with one of your kids? What do you think of the Obama's idea? I can't quite picture the First Lady with a tramp stamp, can you?