There are still a couple of hours for you to buy a chance at riches beyond your imagination.  It's not Oprah money or Bill Gates money or even Mark Zuckerberg moolah, but it's enough that you can tell your boss what you really think of him/her.The jackpot for tonight's Powerball drawing is up to $320 million dollars.  With increased demand due to the big jackpot, it could go higher.  After taxes, you would end up with slightly more than half of the jackpot amount.

That still leaves you with a gi-normous pile of legal tender.  Powerball tickets are sold in multiple states, and the odds of picking the winning numbers are rather remote.  But for $2, one can dream.

If I won, I would take an extended vacation with my wife.  After that, my new job description would be "philanthropist."  That might be more stressful than working.  Maybe I should take that $2 and buy a Slim Jim instead.

If you bought a ticket, good luck!