I look forward to being a "hands on" grandma, so I find this new trend intriguing.

Should grandmothers have baby showers too?

It takes a village and a lot of stuff to care for a baby! Highchairs, playpens, cribs, walkers, bouncers, car seats, strollers, diapers, bottles, rattles and books...the list goes on and on.

And it's a fact that many grandmothers (and grandfathers) are more "hands on" with their grandchildren than ever before. Many even provide daily child care.

That may be why the trend of throwing baby showers for first time grandmothers is becoming so popular across the country. The reasoning behind this new trend does make some sense. A "hands on" grandma will need most of the stuff that a first time mother needs to take care of a new baby, and if all of that stuff is already in place at grandma's house, mom doesn't have to transport it back and forth. Traveling with a baby is stressful enough!

The parties are also a fantastic way to celebrate an important milestone in the life of a grandmother to-be.

There are some rules of etiquette, as listed on grandparents.com. I'll share a few biggies.

A baby shower for a grandmother should never take place before any showers for the new mother. Never steal her thunder...she is the star of the show, always!

A grandmother should never register for gifts.

Grandmother's baby shower should only include intimate family members, and HER closest co-workers and friends. Most of these gatherings don't include the typical baby shower games.

Gift ideas include books, photo albums and frames, toys and keepsakes. Quite often guests contribute money towards one large baby item like a crib or a highchair. It's not about the presents...it's about the celebration.

Some say this growing trend of throwing baby showers for first time grandmothers is silly and unnecessary, but here's why I kind of like the idea. Looking forward to that first grandchild is a huge thrill for most women. They want to share this blessed event with the important people in their life. Then, too, there is no escaping the fact that grandmas will need the stuff that is required to make the new baby safe and welcome in her home. Of course we'll hit garage sales for the swings and playpens and stuff, and we'll start to look diligently for diaper coupons, but how fun is it to "Ooh" and "Aah" over tiny baby clothes, yellow rubber duckies and rattles? Put a few bottles of wine on the table with a bag of chips and a good deli tray, and it's a celebration...just as it should be!

Share your thoughts...should first time grandmothers get a baby shower too?